Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)

Few people understand the psychological toll that a car accident can have, but many issues often arise in the aftermath of an accident–beyond the more well-known physical injuries–that make assessment and psychotherapy helpful. I have extensive experience working with victims of motor vehicle accidents. Some of the issues that I treat include:

  • Adjustment Difficulties (i.e. problems adjusting to physical pain and limitations (including loss of work, inability to enjoy daily activities, and negative changes in social relationships)
  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Anxiety and avoidance as a passenger, driver, and pedestrian
  • Posttraumatic nightmares and flashbacks
  • General symptoms of depression and anxiety, including low mood and motivation, irritability, agitation, panic, and worry
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Cognitive issues such as poor memory and concentration


In most cases, we begin with an assessment, after which I write a detailed report describing psychological symptoms and treatment needs. From there, we submit to your auto insurer for a certain number of psychotherapy sessions, depending on your overall psychological functioning and need for clinical assistance.

Direct insurance billing is available to clients with open MVA claims.

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